About me

I'm Colin Helvensteijn, a 36 year old guy from the Netherlands. For a living, I'm a taxi driver, and when I'm not doing that and I'm also not sleeping, I can probably be found near my computer.


Some of my defining characteristics would be as follows:

  • Atheist/humanist

    I don't believe in God, or any other supernatural power. To me, the universe is awe inspiring enough without the need for a higher being. Also, stop thanking God or Allah or some prophet when something good happens. It's either dumb luck, or real people did it, in which case thanking them would be more appropriate.

  • Pragmatic

    Idealism is fine to a certain extent. I have my principles, but I'm not the kind of guy to throw away my life to make my point. I don't think people would really listen to me, anyway.

  • Pirate

    One thing I refuse to be pragmatic about, realistic or not. Representative democracy doesn't work, and the Internet has basically made it obsolete. Time to fix that.

  • Untidy

    I generally only start cleaning mess up when it begins to bother me. Or when somebody tells me to.

  • Cynical

    I don't think I am, but since I've been accused of it more than once, I have to concede that sometimes at least I come across that way.

    I do often comment on shit that's fucked up in the world. But is that really cynicism? Or is shit just really fucked up in the world? I also regularly comment on how friggin' awesome some new discovery or technology is. Doesn't that kind of balance the negativity?

  • Nerdy

    The facts that this website 1) runs on Ghost and 2) is self hosted should be evidence enough.

  • Heterosexual

    I believe a person's sexuality is more or less a point (or region) in a multi-dimensional continuum, so labeling it with a single word doesn't really paint the whole picture. Let's just say I'm generally attracted to women of my age +/- 10 years.

    I am very much in favor of marriage equality. Or even better, get rid of marriage as an institution altogether. Governments ought to have nothing to do with such personal matters.

  • Reclusive

    I'm happier alone in my room doing stuff on my computer than I am in a crowd, especially the busy kind.

  • "High functioning" autistic

    The classic stuff, basically. Social skills are somewhat lacking, I can't stand it when shit doesn't go as planned, I tend to not look people in the eyes without conscious effort, the reclusiveness mentioned above, that kind of thing.

    Fortunately, while often awkward, these symptoms are not an impediment to a more or less normal life in my case, hence the "high functioning" qualifier.

Likes and dislikes

Everybody has things they love and things they hate. These are some of mine.

Things I like:

  • Outer space and its exploration

    How could one possibly not be fascinated by that shit?

  • Physics

    As far as I can understand it, at least.

  • Computers

    Especially the software side. And JavaScript, despite its flaws Swift.

  • Dogs

    There's two of them living in this house. I don't really consider them property, they're more like friends that require some extra responsibilities.

  • Other animals and nature in general

    I'm especially fascinated by highly intelligent species, particularly orangutangs and dolphins.

    Also, while I don't believe in God, I do believe in nature. Nature isn't sentient, doesn't give a damn and doesn't require praying to. Which is part of why I like it.

  • Most Apple products

    There seems to be some difference of opinion about why Apple is so popular. Might be brainwashing, or perhaps they just make good products.

Things I hate:

  • TV

    Others deciding for me when to watch what… This is the 21st century, you know.

  • Bad drivers

    Needs no further explanation I suppose.

  • Cold/winter

    Especially the accompanying weather phenomena.

  • Creationism

    Come on, like I said, this is the 21st century. Evolution, climate change, gravity, Facebook, there's really no point in denying their existence, whether you like them or not.

  • Lying politicians

    They're supposed to represent their constituents. Unfortunately, most of them only represent their own interests.

  • People in charge of stuff they know nothing about

    Also known as managers. Not all of them, good managers do exist. But they're almost as rare as honest politicians.

  • People who claim they have nothing to hide

    They really ought to think about what they're claiming there. Nobody has nothing to hide.


Anything else you want to know? Just ask, my contact info is on the home page.