Here's my new theme. I found it apt to call it Phantom, because this blog runs on Ghost.

I think came out looking pretty nice. You might of course disagree, which is okay. Tastes differ.

The design is fully responsive and should work on the latest versions of all major browsers.

This theme was built primarily for this blog, but if you really like it, you're free to use it. The source code is over at GitHub, where it can also be downloaded as a ZIP file.

Technical details

Styles are written in Sass, and the little behaviour there is, in CoffeeScript. Those are compiled and minified into CSS and JavaScript, respectively.

Scaffolding and basic styling are provided by Bourbon with Neat and Bitters. All of them are included in the repository, meaning no dependencies other than the Sass and CoffeeScript compilers.

I use CodeKit to compile stuff, but that's in no way reqiured. Similar applications, Grunt or manual command line compilation should work just as well.

Less tech, more writing

From now on, that's the basic idea. This is supposed to be a place for my thoughts, so now that this blog has a theme I'm happy with, it's time I put those thoughts to paper Markdown.