Work in progress

From my previous post:

The Medium-like theme used is Readium. That should cover the basics, at least for the time being.

Well, turns out I was wrong. I'm already working on my own Ghost theme, because by the time I'm done tweaking any existing theme, that's basically what I end up with anyway. At least when I start from scrach, I can call it my own. What can I say? Once a nerd, always a nerd. :-)

While it is not really my intention to blog about this blog too much, I just can't sit down to write a lengthy post about anything else without being happy with the blog it's going to be published on. Right now, I'm not there yet.

When I am, and provided I'm not too ashamed of the result, I'll probably push it out to GitHub. It's about time I actually do something useful with my account there. Until then, patience please...